Hand-Decorated Porcelain

From her studio overlooking the rooftops of Paris, Ruth creates unique, hand-decorated porcelain in original designs. New designs join the collection each year, all of them with happy themes reflecting Ruth’s intention to have a bit of fun.

Smash Porcelaine

“I use a lot of insects, I love insects” Ruth says. Her critters may include fat bees buzzing inside a tart dish, or a ruby red ladybirds crawling around a pen pot. A tiny fly teases a bright green frog climbing up a jug. Pastel flowers are a common theme, along with colourful vegetables of all persuasions.

After a long career in media and fashion in the City of Light, Ruth followed her heart and launched Smash Porcelaine in 2000, transforming a hobby into a business that has grown steadily through the years.

With a practical eye, Ruth selects only the most durable porcelain to ensure Smash Porcelaine can be used and enjoyed every day. With a reasonable price range, Smash Porcelaine won’t break the bank. “Everything is fun and functional” Ruth says, a lot of people smile when they see my products”.