Hand Decorated Porcelain

"Sac de Jardin" Pen Pots

“Sac de Jardin” Pen Pots

We hope that you enjoy browsing the galleries of our fun and functional, hand decorated porcelain by selecting from the drop down list in the ‘Hand Decorated Porcelain’ menu above.

Porcelain gets its name from old Italian ‘porcellana’ (cowrie shell) because of its resemblance to the translucent surface of the shell. It is also informally referred to as “china” or “fine china”, as China was the birthplace of hand decorated porcelain.

Smash Porcelaine creates unique, original, bright and colourful designs for our collectable hand-decorated porcelain. New fun designs are added to our collection yearly, with happy themes to make you smile.

In the galleries you can find examples of our hand decorated porcelain:

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